occupational therapy for adults

Occupational Therapy For Adults and Older Children

We’ve been talking a lot about some of the treatments we do for younger kids. But we do a lot of work with older kids, and young adults and teens as well.

It’s important to remember that those needs for those kids don’t stop when they transition into the teenage years. Not only do those needs continue, but they become much more difficult as their lives change, as they start high school and start driving, as they deal with all the new skills and situations.

Social and Job Skills:

One of the nice things about our clinic is that we work on those skills with those children, so when we have older clients who come into the gym we make sure that we’re meeting their needs depending on what’s happening in their lives. That might be socialization skills for school, or working with job skills. A lot of the time we have some of our older kiddos do volunteer work here. We have them help us with some of the desk work, they’ll make copies, we’ll even help them learn to make lists and go out into the community and buy items that are needed for this particular setting. These are all great opportunities for you to see the child in the natural environment and guide them through that environment, so that they’re learning the skills necessary for success in adulthood.

Teenage Years:

Sometimes we’ll have kids who seem like they were doing really well, but start to struggle with issues arising in the teenage years. We work with these issues as well. These can be complex issues, or helping them with anxiety. This is where treatments like craniosacral therapy come into play, or the interactive metronome. We will also help them to create their own programs so that they can be more successful. All of it is just to encourage independence for these teens so that when they transition into adulthood they will be successful. 

If you have any questions about our services for older kids, teens and young adults, give us a call or stop by! We’d love to talk with you.

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