Whether you are receiving services in our clinic or your child’s home, school or community, you will recognize that our love for children and our commitment to special needs families goes beyond our clinic walls and is present in our community involvement, school support, educational seminars and on-site training programs for future therapists. We are not only professionals dedicated to our chosen field, we are proud parents of children on the Autism-Spectrum.

As parents of children with special needs, we know firsthand how important communication is in building the relationship between the therapist and parent. We strive to use the most effective means possible when communicating with our families. At the conclusion of every appointment, CEPT therapists will provide detailed treatment notes documenting the session expectations, goals, activities and assessment of progress. Our professionals will visit with you in person to review the session results and share with you what to work on at home and school prior to the next appointment.

In addition, CEPT is committed to providing our families with timely information and news that may benefit their child. Whether you are in our clinic or on our website, you will find important CEPT Tips from our blog that will address specific needs. At CEPT we recognize that your time is limited and extremely valuable. Therefore, all of our required forms can be completed in our Patient Portal prior to arriving at the clinic. In addition to specific CEPT Forms, parents can find additional forms related to other services, providers, and community opportunities that CEPT supports. Our admin staff is more than happy to assist you with these recourses. Having your correct insurance information, address, contact numbers, and preferred method of communication is important to us. If any of these important touch points change, please let us know.

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