How Play Therapy Helps Special Needs Kids Reach Their Goals


play therapy

How Play Therapy Helps Special Needs Kids Reach Their Goals

Today we wanted to talk a little bit about play therapy, and how we use play to help children reach their therapeutic goals. 

Gyms and Equipment


Working in a clinic like this is lots of fun! And working in pediatrics is great because we get to work in our really cool sensory gyms. We have all kinds of fun equipment! We have swings, ball pits, rock walls, and trampolines, among other things! The kids really love playing with these things! 


Keeping Your Kiddo Engaged


The play really gets them engaged and motivated to participate in therapy, but we’re not just playing for the sake of play. Every piece of equipment that we have and every game that we choose is chosen to help kids target specific skills so that they can become more independent. 

Our Rainbow Swing


rainbow swing

One of these items is the rainbow swing. This swing is really great for motor coordination, motor planning, and strength, and it gives great sensory input! This swing is different because the kids have to go into it and go down through the different colors. Once they do that the harder part is to go back up through the colors without falling out of the swing. We love this tool! If you see this swing at your kids’ therapist’s gym, you know that it’s a great tool and they’re going to have a great time! 



We also play games like Connect Four or Hopscotch. We’re always trying to target something, whether that’s upper body strength, coordination or fine motor skills. Your kids are then able to use those base-level skills to reach their ultimate goal of being as independent as possible.

So if your kid comes home from therapy and says “We just played all day!” Know that the play has a purpose! Play therapy is fun and it will help them reach their ultimate goal!

If you have any questions about play therapy or our gym, give us a call! We’d love to give you more information or a tour.

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