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About the Owners

Kate and Joe Lundgren are the proud owners of Cutting Edge Pediatric & Adult Therapy (CEPT), an occupational, speech, physical and ABA therapy clinic which opened in Allen, Texas in June 2013. Although CEPT is a full-service clinic, it specializes in children with special needs, spectrum-related disorders and sensory integration dysfunction. Because of their personal experience and passion, their hearts are committed to helping you identify your child’s needs and achieve your child’s goals in a loving, safe and therapeutic environment.

Residing in California, Joe was offered an employment opportunity with Dal-Tile at its corporate headquarters so the Lundgren’s moved to Texas in 1997. Shortly thereafter, both of their boys were diagnosed with Autism. Trenton, who is now in his late twenties, has Asperger’s Syndrome and Spencer, who is now in his early twenties, Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).

Kate was an occupational therapist at the time, specializing in patients suffering from strokes and head injuries. After the boys’ diagnosis, Kate and Joe dove “head and heart” first into the field of Autism to understand what that diagnosis meant and would mean to the future of their family. Kate quickly developed an all-inclusive treatment plan for the boys; however at that time, the options for treatment and the availability of information was limited. The boys’ past and present therapies include, but were and are not limited to: Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy Intensive Programs, Interactive Metronome, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Music Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Recreation Therapy, The Listening Program/Bone Conduction, Craniosacral/Myofacial, Oral Motor/Feeding, Fine and Gross Motor Skills training, Hippotherapy and recreational, massage, visually-based therapies, and Biomedical treatments for the boys. They continue with many of these, but have built an amazing amount of knowledge over the past two decades.

The Lundgren’s believe that therapy is much more than a specific treatment modality. They believe that a unique combination of individually-designed interventions can provide the necessary “stepping stones” toward reorganizing the client’s nervous system, thus allowing for adaptation. The Lundgren’s built Cutting Edge Pediatric & Adult Therapy with the mission of “providing clients and their families with the highest quality of Therapy services, assisting clients and their families in achieving their maximum level of function.” Therefore, the motto for CEPT is “Therapy with a Purpose.” The Lundgren’s heart is to provide a loving, safe and therapeutic environment designed to prepare your child for a successful and abundant future. Our approach is to continue to educate our team members to ensure we are on the Cutting Edge of ensuring your loved one the most innovative and exceptional treatment in the industry.

If you would like to meet with the Lundgren’s to seek their wisdom, they make themselves available free of charge. Please see “Bend an Ear.”

Therapy with a purpose – it's imitated, but not replicated.