Therapy Clinic with locations in Allen and Katy, Texas.
Mansfield Location Coming Soon!

Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy (CEPT) is a therapy clinic committed to providing the support, opportunities and therapy services necessary to promote every child’s independence and overall development from infancy through adulthood. For more than two decades, CEPT professionals have led the way in therapy services, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of sensory processing and speech and language issues, fine and gross motor skill development, ADD and ADHD, and Autism-Spectrum and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Creating opportunities for individuals to master developmental tasks, achieve independence in multiple environments and regulate physical, cognitive and emotional behaviors through a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan are our primary goals. Our individualized therapies are designed to maximize confidence and success by capturing a child’s interest at the developmental level using the most innovative and cutting-edge interventions currently available. We strive to support the needs of the family structure in conjunction with a child’s caregivers, health-care practitioners, school supports and/or community-based resources involved in a child’s care.