Joseph Reeves

Director of Operations

Joseph began working for Joe and Kate Lundgren back in 2013, originally coming on board with one of Joe’s other companies. Since then, Joseph has become a large part of the Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy staff working alongside the admin team. While he has always been a behind the scenes team member, it wasn’t until 2015 that he assumed an active roll as part of the CEPT family name. Having a connection with special needs in his own family, Joseph has enjoyed getting to learn more about our client’s different diagnoses and treatment modalities. In recent years, Joseph has enjoyed working with Kate and Joe closely on the design, building, and opening of our new Cutting Edge facilities across DFW. When he’s not working here with our CEPT family, Joseph enjoys movies, music, exercising and spending quality social time with his family and friends.

Favorite Movie

Erin Brockovich


Allen, TX

Fun Fact

I have been working for CEPT for over 10 years!

Favorite Treat(s)

Kinder Chocolates!