Alex Hatano

Administrative Assistant

Alex graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH in 2012. Originally from California, Alex moved around growing up; first to Ohio from 2003 until 2012, then to Texas, back to California from 2016-2019, and back to Texas in 2019. Upon moving back to Texas, they worked in retail until 2021 and found a place in Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy as an Administrative Assistant. Aside from retail, Alex also worked for a non-profit organization in California for the California State Railroad Museum Foundation in clerical work. They also worked for the state of California for a short time in medical clerical work. Outside of work, they enjoy watching movies, spending time with their loved ones and puppy nephew, writing, and playing video games. They also enjoy watching sports, mainly hockey and baseball. Their teams are the Dallas Stars and New York Rangers in hockey and San Francisco Giants in baseball. They love making a difference and helping people. Their mission in life is to be able to make a positive impact and influence in people’s lives.

Favorite Movie

I'm a movie fanatic and love most genres. A couple of favorites are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Spider-Man.


Sacramento, CA

Fun Fact

I originally wanted to be a cinematographer and screenwriter.

Favorite Treat(s)

KitKat bars, cookie dough ice cream, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes.