What is Bone Conduction?

What is Bone Conduction? Recently we’ve talked about our iPods and our therapeutic music programs. One of the things I’ve mentioned is something called “bone conduction.” Maybe you’ve been wondering, what on earth is bone conduction?   Our Headphones   Some of our headphones and our dream pod in our craniosacral therapy room have a… [read more]

Spectrum Therapeutic Music For Listening Therapy

Spectrum Therapeutic Music For Listening Therapy Did you know that we use music in our therapy sessions?   Types of Program on the iPod   We’re very excited about a new iPod we have from Advanced Brain Technologies. It contains every album of therapeutic music that ABT has. Having it all on this handy iPod… [read more]

Why Our Testing Room is Blank and Boring

Why Our Testing Room is Blank and Boring   Limit distractions   Another room we have in our offices is our testing room. When you see this room on a tour it will probably seem pretty boring. But there’s a good reason it’s boring! We want to get optimal performance out of the person we’re… [read more]

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

What is Craniosacral Therapy?   If you’ve been in our offices you may have seen our craniosacral therapy room. This room has a sign by the door that explains what craniosacral therapy is in very simple layman’s terms.  It says: “Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body… [read more]

Documents We Need For Occupational Therapy

Documents We Need For Occupational Therapy Happy New Year, everyone! You may have noticed some signs posted in our office that say we’ll need your insurance card and a copy of your driver’s license when you come in.   Why We Need Updated Copies   We always ask for these things at the beginning of… [read more]

Cutting Edge Therapy Tip of the Month Introduction

We are so excited to bring you a new feature—our Tip of the Month! Every month we’re going to be offering you an occupational therapy tip, a speech therapy tip, a physical therapy tip, and an insurance tip!  We’re starting this here in our Allen office in January. Then we’ll pass it off to our… [read more]

Pool Therapy in The Wintertime

Don’t you wish you could go swimming in the winter time? Well, here at Cutting Edge in Allen, you can!  We have a therapy pool that our kids absolutely love, and it’s indoors so it’s something our kids can take advantage of year-round!  You probably know that swimming is great exercise. We add a therapy… [read more]

Why We Don’t Have Many Christmas Decorations In Our Offices

Why We’re Light on Christmas Decorations Hello everyone!  If you walk into our waiting room in Allen, you’ll see our “Season’s Greetings” poster. This is our holiday decoration, and it’s our way to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a greeting for whatever other holidays you may celebrate. Avoid Distractions We have this… [read more]

Therapy Intensives For Holidays

Therapy Intensives For Holidays If you’ve been to our locations lately, you’ve probably seen or heard that we offer therapy intensives.  What are therapy intensives? Why do we do them? A therapy intensive is an intensive number of days and hours of treatment in a short time. Typically our intensives are three or five days… [read more]

Services We Offer In Addition To Occupational Therapy

Services We Offer In Addition To Occupational Therapy Do you know what all we have to offer here at Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy?  We are often asked if we offer more than occupational therapy. The short answer is, yes!  We are known for being an occupational therapy clinic, but we also offer other services such… [read more]