Welcome to Spencer’s Java Jam!



It’s open Monday-Friday from 1-5. Come see us! If you take a look at our YouTube channel or our Facebook page, you will see a great video tour of Spencer’s Java Jam. Please check it out! But for now, I’ll tell you all about it.

Waiting Area and Seating



When you walk through the door, you will see our waiting area, and next to that is Spencer’s indoor seating. We also have patio seating for when the weather is nice! There’s a patio heater and a fan to keep you comfortable.



Your Jammers (Baristas)



Our clients, our special needs young adults, are working this for us. We have a POS system that they’ve learned to use. They can choose any kind of drink or coffee from the screen, which makes it easy to know exactly what they’re doing.


The Ordering System


Our young adults have a list of prompts posted by the POS tablet, so they know exactly what to say. Some of our young adults working the coffee bar are more independent, but some have greater challenges. We have a list of questions for them to ask, the menu, and an area where they can write things down if they have multiple orders.


Where The Proceeds Go



They will ring you up but the total will say no charge. This is because this coffee bar is a nonprofit, and we operate on donations. This is part of the Cutting Edge Cares 5013c. All the proceeds go back into allowing our clients to do projects to help out in the community. When you come in you will find a QR code for donations via Venmo. You will also find a QR code for our menu.


We have a coffee bar manager here to help the client, and sometimes there will be a therapist back here as well.


Drink Options


We have several different coffees available, along with some teas. We also have iced tea and two infused waters which are wonderful! We also have hot chocolate!


Our machine is very simple to operate. If you order a hot chocolate our clients will walk over to the boxes of coffees and teas and take out a packet of the hot chocolate. They will touch a button to open a door, insert the packet, and close the door again. Then they’ll bring the cup over, hit the button, and your drink will be dispensed. This is an easy process that they can manage well.


Snack Options


We also have ice cream in a freezer here, and we will typically have baked goods. We also have an ice machine for those who are getting iced drinks. We also have a Nespresso machine and real milk! We can also offer you water. Our clients will ask you if your order is for here or to go. If your order is for here, you will get a ceramic or glass Spencer’s Java Jam cup.


Come On In!


Our clients will wear name tags when they’re here. They also have t-shirts that say Spencer’s Java Jam – Jammer. That’s what we call them—Jammers! They enjoy being here and being able to serve you, so please stop by!

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