Have you seen our playground lately? We’ve just added two new features, the LAMP Core Board and the Proloquo Core Board. Those of you who have kids with speech devices might recognize these!

Why We Have These Boards


We’ve put these boards out for a few reasons. One is that our AAC users can come out here and use this device, or use the board! Just like you’ve seen on their devices, they can use the words on these boards to form sentences and tell you what they like and what they want to do at the playground.


For Verbal Kids


Our verbal kids can use these as well, giving them another fun way to form different words, and also to learn about kids who use this type of communication.

AAC Users


But the number one reason we have these boards here is so that our AAC users can feel represented on the playground, and know that we respect them and their way of communicating!

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