Happy Holidays, everyone!


Stop by and see our tree! Our tree is up in our ABA Center in our RBT office. We’ve put it there for a couple of reasons. First of all, we know that many of our kiddos like to put things in their mouths, and many of the things we use to decorate for Christmas are highly poisonous, like poinsettias.

Consider Your Decorations


Christmas trees and decorations are also a huge distraction for siblings and some of our younger kids. They want to play with the tree or try to pull it over. We put some things in our waiting areas that are holiday-specific, but they’re up high and out of reach. We will not have a tree up in the waiting areas. We want you to be comfortable when you come in and not have to chase your kiddo and tell them not to touch things.


We’ve decorated our tree with puzzle pieces! It’s a different kind of tree. We know that this Christmas is going to look different from Christmases in the past. Whenever you have holidays and celebrations during a pandemic, things do look different. We still don’t know exactly when our vaccines are going to be released and we’ll all be able to gather together safely.

Family Gatherings


Please also be mindful of the fact that we are going into flu season as well, on top of Covid-19. Please be careful and stay safe. Remember that the CDC is recommending that we really reduce these family gatherings, and that’s probably a good idea for the health and safety of your kiddo. I would imagine that y’all are not thrilled about getting multiple Covid tests, or putting your kids at risk because they’re going to be pretty miserable if they’re sick.


Christmas Shopping


When you think about your Christmas shopping this year, remember that you can do a lot of this online. Many television and news shows right now are featuring the most popular toys. You can look at those things, but keep in mind the limitations or certain special interests your kiddo might have. There are a lot of drawing and building things that are on the market right now and these are great. What I highly recommend is that you check with your therapist, because they have a very good idea of what your kiddo would love. This is a great question to ask your therapist when they’re debriefing you: “What does my kid love in your clinic?” They’ll probably tell you to not buy something that duplicates what they’re using in the clinic, but they can guide you to something similar that your child will love.


We wish you all a very Happy and Merry Christmas!

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