Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! Thanksgiving will look a bit different this year, as everything has looked different this year because we are in a pandemic and we have many different variables to account for now.


With the onset of flu season, and with the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise again in many states, the CDC has specifically talked about how small gatherings are a potential risk for the transmission of these illnesses.

Potential Travel Risks


I know many of you have holiday traditions that you do every year. Maybe you drive to another state to visit family—all your aunts and uncles and cousins. Please keep in mind that as kids begin to go back to in-person school rather than virtual school, and begin extracurricular activities, and as people begin to go to more events like weddings or holiday gatherings, there is always a potential risk for your kiddos to get infected.



If they get infected this will put them back into virtual school and virtual therapy, and we’ll have to go backward to a different level. Although we are certainly able to do that, we know that live school and live therapy has advantages. Some school districts have stopped doing virtual school at all because the kids have fallen so far behind. The kids in live, in-person schools are way ahead of the kids in virtual school. (I know this varies per district, but in general, this is the case.)

Virtual Options


I know many families who are going to do this year’s family gathering over Zoom, or Google Teams, or other such platforms. They’re going to spend some time chatting as a group. It’s important that we connect with our families and keep as much consistency in our traditions as we can, but we also have to be mindful of not only our kiddos who are immunosuppressed but also the elderly who are at risk. We know that many people are carriers but are completely asymptomatic, so you would not know if you were exposed to the virus or exposing others. I have personally experienced in my social circle a circumstance in which one person went to a social event, contracted the disease, and then infected a whole group of people. Once COVID-19 gets into a house, it can take a whole household out. This is very much a strain for those involved—it is very much a life disruption.

Crafts and Activities


As you’re being mindful of these problems, think about fun things you can do for the holidays. Do some holiday crafts! Engage in some things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do because you might be driving to Arkansas or Oklahoma or Houston. Make the most of your family time by baking, or if the weather is good, by playing outside. Really try to engage your kids to maintain some sort of normal and special time, but be mindful of the risks.

Need Other Ideas?


If you need any advice or ideas from your clinicians, if you are clients here, reach out to them! They have great ideas and great activities! Check out our blogs, because we are always posting ideas and activities! We hope you have a great and blessed holiday season!

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