It’s that time of the year when everyone is thinking about fitness, and getting in shape and staying healthy. Remember, that’s a goal for our clients also! If they can stay healthy and trim, they will have a much happier life. We want to make sure that when we develop habits, we develop healthy habits.

What We Recommend

I recommend figuring out activities you can do as a family. I know a lot of families who like to bike together and go on walks and hikes—these are great activities that you can do with your kiddos. Even if they have a disability, most of them are very mobile. And as an added bonus for our kids who have sensory issues, working out is a sensory modulator! When you find activities to do as a family you can hit that sensory modulation piece, you can hit that bonding time together, but you can also attack the whole fitness issue.

Physical Therapy Meets Personal Training

We have two groups that we do here called PT Meets PT. This is a personal trainer working with a physical therapist. The focus of this group is fitness and teaching our young adults that it’s important to stay healthy and be fit and keep your body moving. Our strength and coordination improve when we are involved in fitness.

Your Next Step

If you need suggestions for activities or fitness programs, please talk to your OT or your PT. They’ll be able to give you some great information. If you’re interested in PT Meets PT, call our front office and we can tell you more about that. It’s a great program and it’s group fitness, which has a social component to it as well! We want to make sure we are keeping everyone physically fit!

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