It’s going to be Spring Break soon! Hopefully, we’ll have warmer weather by then. It’s clearly not been warm lately!

We are excited about Spring Break! Typically your kids will be out of school for a week. This will be a nice break after being in school for the last couple of months! But we want to remind you about how important it is for you to keep your routine in place. Keeping your routine in place prevents meltdowns.


Come up with a schedule for Spring Break. Build in some activities. If you’ve been out for the flu, this is a great time to make up therapy sessions. We will be here all week and we can do some intensives during this time.

Travel Tips

Many of you may be traveling for Spring Break. Remember that traveling goes much more smoothly when you plan in advance. Think about how the traveling will affect your kiddos and their normal routine, what they eat, things they do, all those kinds of things. Remember, even though these trips are fun they are also anxiety-producing. We want to make sure we pre-fill in some sensory regulation activities and some different things that help us to calm.

My tips for traveling: Drive during times of less traffic. Driving at night is a great idea if that works for your family. Also, prepare your family members for some of the quirks or different things that might be going on with your kiddo.

Spring-Time Activities

If you’re going to do an Easter Egg hunt or a big activity this spring, remember to always have a way to “graciously escape,” as I like to call it. Graciously escaping means parking in a place where it’s easy to get to your car, or positioning yourself in an area where you can pull your kiddo away. Sometimes they do fine in an activity if they’re not around a lot of other kids.

Enjoy your Spring Break holiday!

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