Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy


Today we’re going to tell you all about our ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) room!


We currently have one ABA room, but when we get our new building built, we’ll have several more!


Yes, I said “new building!” We are anxiously awaiting our beautiful new 7,000 square foot facility that will max at 25 clients!


The Goal of ABA Therapy


ABA started here in August. All the clients that will be attending our ABA center are clients that are already in our therapy center for at least two disciplines. This is an additional service that we’re so excited to have! Our goal with this service is collaboration. We want our OT/PT/speech folks working directly with the RBTs (Registered Behavior Technician) and the BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) so that we can get a generalization of skills. All these therapists will be working on the same behavior plan simultaneously, which is fantastic for the generalization of skills.


Our ABA Room


We have all kinds of fun things in our ABA room right now. We currently have two BCBAs and two RBTs serving three clients, and we’re about to add our fourth. Two of them will be day clients, and two are older who will be after school clients. We will stay at this capacity until our other center is built, and then we’ll slowly move up to a larger capacity.



What Happens in ABA Therapy


We are having a lot of fun here, and our therapists are having an amazing time learning everything they wanted to know but had no one to ask! We are seeing some amazing outcomes with our clients, and we’re excited about new clients coming in and adding to our horizon and growing this department.


Going Forward


We are also collecting a lot of data, and we’re starting to go to different therapy boards in Texas and Oklahoma to present what we’ve learned and what we’ve been able to do with this collaborative model.

If you are interested in learning about ABA Therapy, please ask us during your next visit!

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