What is Bone Conduction?

What is Bone Conduction?

Recently we’ve talked about our iPods and our therapeutic music programs. One of the things I’ve mentioned is something called “bone conduction.” Maybe you’ve been wondering, what on earth is bone conduction?


Our Headphones


Some of our headphones and our dream pod in our craniosacral therapy room have a special unit attached to them. This little unit sits right at the top of the head, touching the skull, and it vibrates. Different people have different levels of sensitivity, so you may barely feel these vibrations at all or you may feel that they are so strong that they are annoying. (And we can adjust the strength of the vibrations so that you can feel them comfortably, and they’re not annoying to you.)


How The Vibrations Work


While you are listening to music on these headphones, the vibrations hit the top of your skull and go right into your vestibular system, those semicircular canals that combine with your auditory system and your visual system for integration. Basically, we’re providing an extra “kick” into your vestibular system that helps with auditory processing, attention, focus, and overall processing. Our brain is a master processor, and these other systems in our brain help us to process. So that’s what the vibrations in the bone conducting unit do—they help our brains process!

If you have any questions about the bone conduction technology and how it works, feel free to ask us! We are always more than happy to talk to you about any of the items we use in therapy.

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