One question we often get is, “Does my child need physical therapy?”


Sometimes it’s obvious that your child could benefit from physical therapy. Sometimes when you teach a child a new skill such as walking, running, or jumping, it can be obvious that the child is struggling. 


Does Your Child Have Trouble Sitting Still?


But often a child has already developed a basic skill, but they haven’t learned how to refine it. For instance, when we see a kiddo who is constantly running and jumping and spinning all over the place, and who just can’t sit still, that shows that they have a lack of control. (We call these kids “runners.”) We typically see difficulties with these kids when they have to sit still and learn a new task because they haven’t developed the refined skill of control. When they’re jumping and spinning and purposefully falling, that tells us they’re having a problem with midrange control. 


How We Help Kids Refine Their Skills


When we get to work with kids who already have a basic skill, we love it! We love it because we get to play a lot of games and use a lot of our tools to teach how to really control and refine a movement. As we get older we’re all required to refine our movement patterns and learn a lot of higher-level skills. Learning higher-level gross motor coordination translates really well into learning higher-level skills in speech therapy, and in occupational therapy. 

We always recommend physical therapy even if a child has a basic skill, so they can learn to refine it. 

If you have any questions about physical therapy, we’d love to answer them!

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