dizziness and Vertigo

Vestibular Rehab To Treat Dizziness

Dizziness affects all walks of life, from children all the way through the adult stage, to people in their 90s. Dizziness can have such negative effects on function. It can be bad enough that you can’t participate in the activities you want to for school, or work, or just your day to day life in the home.

You Don’t Have To Live With It

Many people don’t realize that there is help for dizziness: vestibular rehab. Often people with dizziness think they just have to live with their symptoms, and they might live with dizziness for months or even years. If you or a loved one suffers from dizziness or vertigo, vestibular rehab can have a positive effect on your life!

How We Treat Dizziness

Vestibular rehab is an exercise-based program, done by a specialized physical therapist. It’s meant to reduce symptoms of dizziness or vertigo, and it can also improve and restore the human balance system.

Your Next Step

If you do have dizziness, take comfort in the fact that it can be treated. Cutting Edge therapy is proud to offer this service as a resource for you. If you think you or someone you know could benefit from vestibular rehab, give us a call or come talk to us about it!

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