technology in occupational therapy

Technology in Occupational Therapy

You might not realize it, but we use a lot of technology here at Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy! We have lots of programs and lots of different devices that we use to educate your children because we are in the technology age. We love our iPads, Notebooks, and laptops! We use them in a variety of ways. We have close to a dozen iPads here at the center, and most therapists have their own. They are loaded with all kinds of apps, with things as basic as a visual timer while your child is doing an activity to an assistive device for language like Proloquo, which lets us have a voice for your child. We even have yoga apps!

Apps We Use in Therapy

We have handwriting apps, visual-motor apps, memory, and sequencing apps—we have so many different things! We use these all the time, depending on what discipline your child is working with, what their goals are and their interest in technology.

We also have Keyboarding Without Tears, which is a keyboarding program we use. This is a sister program to Handwriting Without Tears which we use for handwriting. We also have a laptop that is dedicated to running a vision training program that helps us work on visual processing. We call it “Teapot,” so if you hear the word “Teapot” remember that we’re not making tea, your child is working on the vision program!

Interactive Metronome

In our third gym, we have the Interactive Metronome. This is where we use a metronome that has a graded rhythm and beat that we can adjust. While the beat is going we can assign multi-step activities for the children to do with their hands. This is all run off a computer.

So you can see that we have a lot of technology going on here! For some of your kids, that’s a real motivator. For others, it’s a struggle, but for these kids, we can introduce the technology a step at a time. We are always searching through for the best apps, the best programs—whatever new things are out there to help your kids get to where they need to be.  Want to see all of our technology at work (and play)? Schedule a tour below!


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