The Best Types of Books For Speech Therapy

The Best Types of Books For Speech Therapy


You know that it’s important for language-impaired kids to read books. What are the best kinds of books for these kids, and how can you help them read at home?


Books With Simple Pictures


We like to use books that contain very simple pictures that are clearly labeled. If there are lots of pictures or lots of items in a picture, this is confusing and overwhelming for the child. Use very simple books with just one picture and one word on each page.

When you read the book to the child, you can also do some extra things to help them learn to connect the sound with the letter and to help them learn how to make the sound. For example, we have a book with a picture of a snake. It’s just one snake, and next to the picture is the word “snake.” When we read the word snake, we use a gesture or sign for the word as well as speaking the word. Another thing we do is to take the child’s hand and say the “s” sound with their hand up to our lips so that they can feel the way the air comes out of the mouth when we say the “s” sound. This way they can hear the sound, but they can also see how it works to make that sound.


Use a Model With The Book


When we work with your children in the clinic we teach each sound by using a model of a mouth to show them where their tongue is supposed to be when they make the sound. So when we teach them the sound the letter “k” makes, we put our heads back like we’re gargling, to show that the sound is made in the throat; then we’ll use the mouth model to show where the tongue is supposed to go to make that sound. Normally when kids have trouble with the “k” sound they make a “t” sound instead, with the tongue all the way up by their top teeth. By using the mouth model we can show them that for a “k” sound the tongue should be at their bottom teeth. Many of them will also put their tongues up and make that “t” sound in place of a “g” as well, saying “dot” instead of dog. We work with this the same way, showing them that the tongue should be down for a “g” sound.


If Your Child is Struggling With Their Speech


We are more than happy to teach parents about how these different sounds are made so that when you read with your kids, you can also teach them about how to produce the sounds correctly. We’ll show you our mouth model and teach you all you need to know about how to help your children at home!

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