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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

How do you know if your child needs speech therapy?

1. Not Seeking Activities:

For younger children, and for those who are learning a second language, look for when they start speaking in words, and babbling sounds.

If your child is under three years of age and isn’t speaking in words, and isn’t seeking activities in their environment but instead is clingy and prefers to stay close to mom or dad, that’s a sign that you want to seek a speech evaluation. An evaluation will help make sure that they’re on the right track, or tell you if it’s time to start some intervention. It’s better to be proactive so that if they do need some help you can start it early.

2. Babbling:

Another thing to look for is when your child starts babbling and trying to say words, does their speech get better over time? If it doesn’t, that’s another sign that it’s a good idea to seek an evaluation.

3. Trouble in School:

For older children, one sign that they might need an evaluation is trouble in school. They might be having trouble with their course work or trouble interacting with their peers. They might be getting in trouble more than they used to. We recommend a speech evaluation in those cases just in case there is some weakness that can be addressed in therapy.

Developing communication skills is one of the most important elements of socializing with and relating to other people. An evaluation by our staff can identify areas of weakness and prescribe individualized therapy that will close the gap between where your child’s skills are now, and where they should be developmentally. We do in-depth assessments and provide one-on-one intervention for all our clients.

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