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What to do After a Speech Therapy Appointment

One thing that we wish all of our speech families knew about is homework.

Homework is so important. It’s the key to improvement. That three minutes we take at the end of your therapy session to come and talk to you is to let you know what you need to do at home. 

We know that school just started up again and there’s tons of school homework coming home to be done on paper. Homework from therapy is often paperless, but it’s just as important.

Helpful Resources:

There are practically an endless amount of resources for you to use at home to help your child practice the skills she’s learning in therapy. Two of our favorite websites are mommyspeechtherapy.com for articulation goals, and teacherspayteachers.com for language goals. You can go to these sites and type in exactly the kind of goal that your child is working on in therapy, and come up with endless activities that are either free or inexpensive—maybe $1-$2 to purchase. 

How Homework Impacts Therapy:

As we often tell you, discharge varies so much from child to child. There are so many important factors that go into it! And we know that this is what is most important to you. It’s also what is most important to us! But the way for us to get your child discharged from therapy faster is by you participating in your homework activities at home.

You are the number one model! Your child is only with us for two 45-minute sessions a week. You’re with them the rest of the time. If you can participate and be that model, and put on your speech therapist hat to work on goals outside of therapy, your child will learn the skills better and faster and will be able to be discharged out of therapy that much sooner. Do you have specific questions regarding your child? If so, please give us a call. 

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