speech therapy

Speech Therapy For Children With Special Needs

We are excited to finally have speech therapy services at Cutting Edge! And so we wanted to share a little bit about why it might be a great idea for you to bring your child here for speech therapy.


For starters, we have a whole staff available to screen or evaluate your child for speech and language deficits, or feeding and swallowing. We can do oral movement, feeding, all of the above. We work the gamut! 

How Speech Therapy Compliments Occupational Therapy:

But also, as speech therapists we love being able to work with the occupational therapists and the gyms at Cutting Edge!

The gyms we have here are fabulous places to bring your child for speech therapy! When you bring your child here, not only do we get to do the structural tasks that are involved with articulation and language and things like that, but we also get to go work on the sensory equipment as well. We see a lot of improvement in speech and language when we can put a child on a swing to work with them there!

If your child has autism, we love them too! We are able to get in there and do some sensory work with autistic children. We especially love to work with autistic children on all our suspended equipment.

We have a full staff that’s ready and willing to schedule your child for evaluation and treatment. So come to Cutting Edge for speech! It’s not just OT any more! Call us today with any questions!

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