Listening Therapy for Autism

Listening Therapy for Autism

A large part of our intervention that we do here is auditory processing. Sound can be a very important way of training the brain and helping the brain to organize itself better. Working with auditory processing helps the brain self-regulate, helps memory, focus, learning, and reduces stress.

We use two programs that are from The Listening Therapy Program, called Spectrum and In Time. This is all keeping with our motto of being very cutting edge and being innovative in everything that we do in order to help our children.

1. Spectrum

This is a program we use here in the clinic. It’s specialized so that the therapists can use it to help the children calm and regulate their bodies the way that they need to during therapy. It’s a program that was created for people with sensory sensitivities, and it helps support calming, auditory processing, and social and emotional function. 

2. In Time

We use In Time during the therapy session. This is a program that is both listening training and fun movement activities. Like Spectrum, In Time also helps the kids with regulating their systems but it also helps them learn to do sequencing and timing and things like that. For example, the kids might learn how to use their bodies or a drum to keep a beat. 

These are also available as home programs, and we do offer those to parents. If you have questions on listening programs for your child, please give us a call today! 

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