summer camps for children with special needs

Have you seen our camp flyer yet? I know it’s early, but we’re already starting to get calls and requests for reservations!

Here’s a brief overview of what camp’s going to be like this year at Cutting Edge. We’re going to do three separate weeks: 

  • In June, we are going to have one week of Sensory/Motor/Vision Camp.
  • In July, we’ll have a week of Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills Camp.
  • In August, we’ll have a week of Social Skills Camp.

We have so many activities planned for these topic-based camps this year! Our camps will be in the mornings, Monday-Friday from 9-12. Bring a snack!

And here’s a very important thing for you to know: we do not have an age limit for these camps. So make sure you call in with whatever age your kiddo is and we can let you know what would be the best camp placement for them. 

Also, if you’re clients here, chances are you have some fine motor or visual issues. This is going to be a time to intensively address those issues—but it’s camp, so we’re going to do it in a fun way! 

We have amazing things planned! I think our social skills group will be taking an outing!

We’re really excited and looking forward to the summer, and warm weather and beautiful days!

To reserve your spot, please call us today at 469-675-3153!

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