Valentines Day Special Needs

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

We love holiday time, and so do the clients here because it’s a great opportunity for us to work on fine motor activity when we work on holiday crafts. We always try to incorporate themes into what we do, and your kids really love to do crafts related to the holidays.

We’ve done turkeys at Thanksgiving, we’ve done Christmas trees, menorahs, and all those fun things at Christmas time. And now, the holiday of hearts is quickly approaching!

It’s really wonderful, and it’s a nice social activity, for your kids to make valentines for their friends. That is a wonderful activity for social exchange that they can work on. They can even bring the valentines here, and we can work on them here! 

We always have them work on a lot of those fine precision skills when they do holiday-based crafts. Things like tracing and cutting allow us to work on all those skills they need to develop, and they’re able to do it in a really fun environment.

Crafts are also a very relaxing thing. A lot of our kids struggle with tension and anxiety, and this is a really nice avenue to use to refocus and relax them. It’s actually a really intimate one on one time between your therapist and your kiddo.

So just remember that when those holidays come around, make sure you’re incorporating your kids in that holiday, so they can experience the fun of it themselves with you!  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

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