We often get asked, “What is a therapy intensive?”

And that’s an excellent question! It is exactly what it sounds like, an intensive form of therapy.

Many of your kiddos are coming here two days a week for an hour. What a therapy intensive does is it allows us to use school breaks to put a lot of input into their system, and we’re able to do that over three, four or five days, or one or two weeks. During a therapy intensive we usually see them for longer sessions, a minimum of two hours. And what we’re able to do at that point is pre-load a lot of sensory input into their system. And that way, sometimes with that intensity, you aren’t having to come three days a week during the school year; instead you can come two days a week, or sometimes one day a week, when school is occurring. 

Therapy intensives allow us to get through plateaus, or work on those areas we don’t have time to address in just an hour. 

We also realize that breaks are difficult. Therapy intensives allow your child to have some structure and some input into their day to make your holiday more peaceful. That’s one of the reasons we are only closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, because a lot of our families are just feeling the need to have that sensory input provided to their child in that time of transition, rather than trying to do it at home and struggling to recreate that in an already full day.

Please give us a call at the office to see about booking those times. For many of you, especially for our Blue Cross Blue Shield clients, remember, coming for two or three hours is not going to be much difference in terms of payment than coming for an hour! The other thing is, if you have extra visits on your insurance before the end of the year, you might as well use them so you don’t lose them!

We are booking therapy intensives right now! We have several families who have already signed up. Give us a call!

Happy Holidays!

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