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Our experience

At Cutting Edge, we have the privilege of having leaders with decades of experience in occupational therapy, in many different clinics with different philosophies and models. When you shop around for therapy intervention clinics, it’s important that you understand their passion, and what their particular model is.

We’ve taken that experience and knowledge and have developed a few different things that we think work particularly well. One thing we are very proud of that we’ve developed over the years in our goal to create the most ideal environment is what we call flexibility training.

This is a very intimidating concept for many of our parents. But it’s a very important concept because overall for occupational therapists, our goal is that our clients generalize the skills they’ve learned across multiple settings. It’s one thing if they can perform it here, but they have to be able to perform it out there: school, home, afterschool activities, etc.

What is flexibility training?

Flexibility training means when your child comes here to the clinic, we will set them up on a schedule where they will work with a couple of clinicians. What that does is it helps them to be able to have two different people working with them. Their treatment plan is going to be the same, but each clinician is going to approach it differently. That forces your child to adapt some flexibility to a different situation. And many of our kids have to work with multiple teachers in school, so this helps in that process. But overall, if our children are generalizing skills they should be able to perform the skill sets for each clinician here.

Of course we don’t start our newest clients out with this, but over time we are going to move you around, when the opportunity is available, to a different therapist, and make sure you can do what you need to do for each therapist. 

We hope you guys can come on board with us and enjoy this process, because the most important thing to remember is that we’re a specialty clinic, and each therapist here is specially trained to be able to implement every child’s treatment plan. If you have any questions pertaining to your child, please let us know!

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