Kids with special needs in school

Well, it’s been a great month! I’m proud to say that several of our parents have said that their children have transitioned into school and are doing really well! It’s always nice to hear that people are doing well in school.

Some of the things we’ve heard are:

“Wow, her handwriting’s improved so much!”

“Wow, my kiddo is now in middle school for the first time and is making the transition to classes without a problem! He’s able to open his locker, he’s able to get from point A to point B without a meltdown, and he’s coming home happy.” I think that’s the most important thing, that the kids are coming home happy!

We also had a parent tell me they had a victory, because they actually didn’t get a call from the school! The child is staying in school full days, and doing it successfully!

So it’s really been a great month! And as we always tell our families, it’s nice when we can work in conjunction with the school, and we can make this process productive for our families, the schools, and the kids.

It’s always exciting to see that the treatment is working and that our kids are now able to modulate and do what they need to to in the community and be productive individuals.

If your child needs help adjusting to school with special needs therapy, please give us call or send us an email. Have a great school year everyone!

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