Sofia Dodd

ABA Administrative Assistant

Sofia was born and raised in Texas and has lived in Allen for 7 years. She has worked in customer service for over 10 years focusing on always helping people and making a difference in any way possible. She has a 7 year old son who enjoys taekwondo and playing basketball. Sofia also has a Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu 5 year old dog named Coco and a 10 week old cat named Storm who are both the best of friends. Sofia loves her Dallas sports teams including Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Mavericks and grew up playing basketball. She is excited and looks forward to her growth at Cutting Edge.

Favorite Movie

Love all the Guardians of the Galaxy movies but especially the first one as well as all Marvel movies.


Carrollton, Texas

Fun Fact

My nickname is Yoshi and I enjoy watching hockey, basketball and football.

Favorite Treat(s)

I love sour candies, spicy candy with chamoy/tajin and chocolate covered strawberries.