Candace Jones

Front Office Coordinator

Candace is originally from Tampa, Florida with roots in Beliz and Honduras. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of South Florida before moving to Texas in 2018 and is Certified in Systemic Couple & Family Therapy. Candace is currently finishing her final months of her master’s program to become a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She enjoys laughing, spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, concerts, gardening, and exploring new hobbies. She is a driven individual who values personal growth and is always seeking new opportunities to challenge herself and serve her community.

Favorite Movie

It's a tie between Coming To America and The Notebook


Tampa, FL

Fun Fact

I love to cook!

Favorite Treat(s)

Gummy Bears (black forest, Haribo or Albanese), Reese's, Milkshakes