How do you know if occupational therapy is working?

Well, I pull out my crystal ball—no, I’m kidding! Actually, it is not an exact science. Occupational therapy is one of those things that is very individualized, and our families often ask me, “How long are we going to be in therapy? How do I know therapy is working?” I want you to know that when… [read more]

Four Tips To Help Families Celebrate Thanksgiving With Special Needs Children

Well, hello again! We’re working on our color-by-numbers turkeys and all the different fun crafts that we’re getting ready to do for Thanksgiving. While we were working on the crafts we were thinking about how the holiday time is really approaching quickly, and we need to think about how to plan those holidays. We think sometimes they… [read more]

Gyms For Children With Special Needs

When parents of children with special needs come in to our gym they often ask me, “What is the purpose of all this equipment? What purpose does it serve?” In pediatrics it’s really important to remember that it’s all about play! We do occupational therapy through play—we call it “purposeful play.”  We have a 10-station… [read more]

Birthday Party Planning for Children with Special Needs

This topic came as a special request from one of our Facebook fans who has seen some of our videos. The topic is, “How do I handle birthday parties?” This is an excellent request because it’s a very important subject. For our typically developing children, birthday parties are very exciting! But for a lot of our… [read more]

Tips for Potty Training a Child With Special Needs

One of the topics we get asked about a lot is potty training. We’re going to be honest with you—there is nothing easy about potty training anybody! But it’s particularly a challenge with our kids who have sensory or developmental issues. There are so many philosophies about potty training—just thousands of them! I’m not going to… [read more]

Behavior Therapy for Autism

A lot of our families ask me about behavior therapy. Sometimes there seems to be a negative connotation about behavior therapy, but that shouldn’t be the case. My own children, who are on the autism spectrum, were in behavior therapy for years, and they still are. It’s helpful to think of it not so much… [read more]

Sensory Activities for Proprioception

When our families start in a clinical setting, they often ask us about home programs. We tell our families to be patient because we’re getting to know your child. We don’t want to prescribe a home program until we do know the specific needs of your child, and that can take 4, 6, even 8 weeks.… [read more]

Halloween Tips For Children With Special Needs

Hello again! It’s getting to be that time of year … you know, the weather is getting cooler, and guess what’s around the corner—Halloween! How Halloween is handled is so different and individualized for each family, depending on their belief system and whether or not they want to participate. Also, many of our kids have… [read more]

How Long Should a Therapy Session Last?

Parents often ask us, what is the difference between a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute therapy session? What about therapy sessions that are even longer?  We here at Cutting Edge have stuck to usually doing 60-minute therapy sessions. The main reason we do this is because many of our clients have a difficult time transitioning in and out… [read more]

Special Needs Therapy To Help Children Excel In School

Well, it’s been a great month! I’m proud to say that several of our parents have said that their children have transitioned into school and are doing really well! It’s always nice to hear that people are doing well in school. Some of the things we’ve heard are: “Wow, her handwriting’s improved so much!” “Wow,… [read more]