Physical Therapy Services in Katy TX

We want to let you all know a little bit about what we do as a physical therapy facility as well as an occupational therapy facility.  A lot of the clients we see in physical therapy can be as small as a few months old. Sometimes babies are born with a condition called torticollis where… [read more]

Why We Only Provide Occupational Therapy

Families often ask us, “Why do you only do occupational therapy here?” That’s an excellent question! There are two ways you can approach treatment for kids. You can have separate clinics, where you go to one place that does behavior therapy, and another for counseling, etc. Or, some places have developed a “one-stop shop,” where… [read more]

Toothbrushing Tips For Children With Special Needs

One of the big questions we’ve been getting this month is about toothbrushing tips for children with special needs. Many of our parents call to ask, “How can I get my child to brush their teeth?” Type of Toothbrush First of all, they need to have an electric toothbrush, simply because it’s hard enough to… [read more]

Grocery Shopping Tips For Children With Special Needs

Hello everyone! We were just talking about grocery stores, and how challenging they can be. Many of our clients struggle with the challenge of getting through a grocery store, so we came up with some grocery shopping tips for children with special needs you can use to make the process easier. 1. Keep it short. First… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Tips For Special Needs Children

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! We love holiday time, and so do the clients here because it’s a great opportunity for us to work on fine motor activity when we work on holiday crafts. We always try to incorporate themes into what we do, and your kids really love to do crafts related to the holidays.… [read more]

Core Strengthening Exercises For Special Needs Children

A topic that a lot of our families ask about is core strengthening exercises.  We do ask our clients to work on core strengthening exercises. The reason we do this is because we know a lot of our kids have muscle tone and general strength and endurance issues. We know that if we don’t build up… [read more]

Sensory Signals Vs. Behavior Issues

One thing we often hear from our families who come in for intake is that they’re frustrated—they’ve been to so many doctors, and their child has had so many tests, and in the end it all came down to sensory signals. They feel like they’ve been on a two-year mission to find an answer for… [read more]

When To Stop Occupational Therapy

A lot of parents ask us, “Am I ever going to be done with occupational therapy?” And we say, “No!” Just kidding. Your child will eventually discontinue OT services and transition to the community.  Often times there’s a false hope that develops when your child starts to get better after they’ve been in therapy for… [read more]

Handwriting Tips For Special Needs Children

One of the topics that comes up often in occupational therapy is handwriting. So here are some handwriting tips for special needs children. Handwriting can often times be the first indicator of a motor problem in fine motor development. A lot of our families will call and say, “The teacher (or someone else working with… [read more]

Insurance Deductibles for Occupational Therapy

It’s a new year! Happy New Year!  Well, January means that insurance deductibles start over again. Now you’re thinking, “Oh boy, so I just spent all my money on Christmas presents, and now I have to pay my insurance deductible?” For most of you, your plan year starts over in January. We want you to… [read more]