How Long Will My Child Be In Speech Therapy?

How Long Will My Child Be In Speech Therapy? Can you guess the question we get asked most often? It’s: “How long will my child be in speech therapy?” That’s a tough question for us to answer because there are so many factors that go into answering it. It’s hard for us to predict the… [read more]

Social Skills Group Allen TX

We know kids are excited because it’s the end of the school year and summer’s almost here. But we’re even more excited because a new program we’re offering here at Cutting Edge this summer! This summer (June 12th-July 24th) we’re going to offer a Social Skills Group! This is different from our camps, that are… [read more]

Our New Allen TX Location

Our New Allen TX Location We have some exciting news! We know we just gave you some exciting news when we announced our new Mansfield location. But now there’s more—we are moving to a new location in Allen! Where it is: Don’t worry—this location is literally a stone’s throw from our current location. In fact,… [read more]

Toe Walking Therapy

  What is Toe Walking? “Toe walking” is just what it sounds like: Sometimes kids will walk on the balls of their feet, instead of using their whole foot. Many of our kids here are toe walkers, including kids both on and off the spectrum. It’s important to have physical therapy for toe walkers. Many… [read more]

Road Trip Tips For Special Needs Children

Sooner or later we have to travel with our special needs children. And like most things, traveling with special needs kids requires some special preparation. As always, planning is your friend! With some advance planning, you can make your trip go as smoothly as possible. Here are our three favorite tips to make long car… [read more]

Occupational Therapy Swings

  Occupational Therapy Swings One of our favorite things that we have in our gym is the suspended obstacle course. This is the epitome of a motor challenge activity! We work on many different degrees of motor challenge and motor planning for all our kids who have a lack of coordination or dyspraxia.   We… [read more]

Occupational Therapy Houston TX

What to Look For in an Occupational Therapy Clinic in Houston We know looking for a clinic can be an overwhelming task. We want to help you learn how to make an informed decision so that you can know you’re choosing a good clinic and the one that will be the best for your child.… [read more]

Benefits of Kinesio Tape

One service we’re really excited to be able to offer here is Kinesio taping. 1. Reduce Pain Kinesio Tape is a special kind of flexible, elastic tape that is water resistant and can be worn for many days. It looks and sounds a little bit like athletic tape, but where athletic tape works to limit… [read more]

Summer Camp in Katy For Kids With Special Needs

Summer Camps For Kids With Special Needs It’s spring! And do you know what spring means? It means summer is just around the corner. We are so excited to start getting ready for our summer camps!   This year we are offering two weeks of summer camp, one in June and one in July. Because… [read more]

Sleep Tips For Children With Autism

Addressing Sleep Problems: Parents often ask us about their kiddos’ sleep problems. Sometimes our kids have trouble falling asleep, or difficulty staying asleep. Sometimes they are just not getting enough sleep in general. And when our kids have sleep problems it doesn’t just affect them, it affects the whole family, siblings, and parents, as well.… [read more]