Costume Tips For Special Needs Kids

Our subject for October is costumes! We have several costumes here at the clinic, did you know that? Our kids love to dress up in costumes. But the important thing to remember about costumes, or about any sort of holiday, is that many of our kids have tactile issues. Here are some things to remember… [read more]

Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan Compliance

Today let’s talk about the importance of consistency and compliance with the treatment plan that’s given to you after your evaluation. Did you know that this is not only important from a clinical aspect, but also from an administrative aspect? That may seem silly. Why would you need to be compliant from an administrative standpoint?… [read more]

Homework Tips For Special Needs Kids

A topic that’s come up recently is homework. This is an ongoing topic. We deal with it every year! Homework presents itself with a degree of stress because it has a deadline, it has to be done at home after school, and it interferes with other activities. We have a few recommendations for handling homework:… [read more]

What We Look For in an Occupational Therapist

In our office, we have a wall we like to brag about because it’s full of our therapists’ licenses and specialty certifications. Also, one of the most active pages on our website is our staff page, and we have our therapists write bios for this page because we know how important it is to a… [read more]

Disaster Tips For Parents With Special Needs Kids

Disaster Tips For Parents With Special Needs Kids There have been many disasters in the news lately. We are often asked how we can prepare our families for a disaster. No matter where you live in the country you can have any type of environmental disaster, any type of naturally occurring event that you have… [read more]

Hurricane Harvey Relief

With the major portion of Hurricane Harvey having moved through Houston, our Katy location suffered only minimal flooding which did not cause any damage, but more importantly, our employees are all safe and accounted for. I know some of their homes were damaged and each will certainly have a story or two to tell! We… [read more]

School Transportation Tips For Special Needs Kids

Let’s talk about transportation. (That’s some of our kids’ favorite subject!) When we talk about transportation to and from school, what are our options? There are multiple ways for our kids to get to and from school, including riding the bus, walking, riding in your car or a carpool, or riding a bike. Some of… [read more]

School Lunch Tips For Special Needs Kids

School Lunch Tips For Special Needs Kids Should your kids take their lunch to school? Or should they eat the school lunch? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on your child. One thing to consider is that many of our kids are very picky eaters, and if they buy the… [read more]

4 Moving Tips For Kids With Special Needs

4 Moving Tips For Kids With Special Needs Lately, it seems like the DFW area is full of people moving in and moving out. Moving is always a challenge, but it’s especially challenging with our population of kids. Moving is emotional, it’s challenging, it’s a major, major life transition. And as difficult as it is… [read more]

What To Do After a Summer Camp

What To Do After a Summer Camp So now that we’ve had a camp, what do we do after camp? I bet you didn’t even realize that there’s an “after camp!” But there’s always an after camp. What will they be doing the next week? When our clients, our kiddos, leave camp, are they going… [read more]