The Consistency of Our Occupational Therapy Offices

The Importance of Consistency In Our Offices Our Locations One thing you might not know about Cutting Edge is that we strive for consistency between all of our locations. We have three locations, one in Allen, one in Mansfield which is in the Fort Worth area, and one in Katy in the Houston area. We… [read more]

New Year’s Eve With Special Needs Children

  We can’t believe this year is coming to an end, and we’re starting a new year! I hope everybody had a happy holiday, and we have lots of hopes and dreams for great things to happen in the future for everyone. Here at Cutting Edge, we’ll be having lots of changes over this next… [read more]

How Grandparents Can Help Special Needs Grandchildren

How To Best Help Your Parents One topic we’ve had multiple requests to talk about is working with grandparents. We love our grandparents! I can tell you my parents were an absolute godsend when my kids were younger and I had to work, and they were sick. That being said, grandparents, and other family members, sometimes… [read more]

Stress-Relieving Tips For Christmas Break

How To Relieve Stress During Christmas Break You might have noticed that our waiting room isn’t overly decorated for Christmas. We’d love to decorate it with things for the holidays, but we don’t because we realize that with smaller children in here, and children with special needs who have sensory issues, attention and focus issues… [read more]

4 Things To Consider Before Christmas Arrives

Holidays for Kids with Special Needs We want to take this opportunity to remind you that we’re coming up on a break, and a break means a change in schedule. Many of your kids will not be going to school over the break, so we need to think about how we can best prepare for… [read more]

Haircut Tips For Kids With Special Needs

One thing parents have asked us about recently is haircuts. Getting a haircut is a very sensory experience. Often a parent who recognizes that their child might have some sort of sensory issue talks about what a nightmare it is to get their child’s hair cut. There are a couple of ways to tolerate or… [read more]

Attending Sporting Events With Special Needs Kids

We’re coming up on some major types of events at the end of the year now, and we always think about the excitement of going to a baseball game, or a basketball game, or a football game—any type of large event. Those are fun and exciting! But even though we all love these events, think… [read more]

Thanksgiving Feeding Tips For Special Needs Kids

We’ve been getting ready for the holidays, decorating our clinics with our holiday crafts! We’ve had a lot of parents ask us about the holidays because holidays are exciting, but sometimes they present challenges for our sensory kids. 1. Thanksgiving Day Menu One of the things we always remind our parents about is food. We… [read more]

Steps For Starting Occupational Therapy

We want to take a moment to explain to you why we put the steps in our process that we do, and help make the process make sense to you. Don’t Hesitate First of all, we want to encourage you to go ahead and start the process if you at all suspect that your child… [read more]

Trick or Treating Tips For Special Needs Kids

When it comes to trick or treating, an important question you should ask yourself is whether it’s better for your kiddo to go out for trick or treating, or to stay home? If you decide to stay home, we have a few things for you to think about. Staying home is a great option, and… [read more]