Our Counseling team answers some questions regarding how counseling can help you and your family, what it entails, and how it works.


What Should I Expect From Counseling?


Do we solve all your problems?

As much as we’d love to be able to wave a magic wand and fix all your or your family’s concerns, we are fresh out of wands! We CAN help you and your family learn helpful strategies, practice skills, and support you along the way to meet your goals.

What kinds of things does counseling help with?

Just like every person, each counselor has their own personal set of skills and strengths that they’ve accumulated and worked towards. Our counselors at Cutting Edge have an eclectic repertoire of experiences in mental health areas that they have become experts in. Some of these areas include Autism, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and many more!

How does it work?

Our counselors will complete a screening with either the adult client or the client’s family to see if counseling would be a good fit for the potential client. Next steps would include an intake session with the counselor and the client as a “getting to know you” type session to discuss things like the client’s favorite things, what they struggle with, what kinds of goals would be beneficial for them, etc. Once the intake is complete, the counselors will recommend a frequency of sessions per week and regular sessions can be scheduled.

 Our counselors will work with the clients towards their goals by providing psychoeducation, coping strategies, in-vivo practice, and outside of session practice (homework). We would love for our parents/guardians to be involved in the counseling process for all children and adolescent clients to ensure that there is carryover into the home and community settings. As with any child, it takes a village, and we want to be a part of the village that helps our clients be their best possible selves!

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