Our administrative team has put together important reasons to update your insurance in a timely manner.


The Importance of Timely Insurance Updates:


In the healthcare industry, up-to-date insurance information is crucial. A timely update isn’t just a formality, it’s a key part of ensuring a smooth healthcare experience for both patients and providers. Here are a few reasons why.


Preventing Claims Denials

Imagine visiting one of our CEPT clinics, receiving excellent care, and then having your insurance claim denied. Why? Because the insurance information on file was outdated. Financial responsibility is transferred to the patient if we don’t have your current insurance information. Updating your insurance details with us promptly will prevent these financial burdens.


Verification of Authorization and Referrals

Providing us with updated insurance information before or on your first visit allows us to check for necessary authorizations and referrals. For certain plans, lacking these could result in denied claims, leaving you with an unexpected financial burden.


Changes in Patient Responsibility

With timely updates, CEPT can track any changes in your patient responsibility, whether it’s an increase or decrease in the amount owed. Knowing your financial obligations ahead of time helps you avoid surprises down the line.


Making Healthcare Easier

Think of updating your insurance info as the key to a more efficient healthcare process. Instead of dealing with paperwork and countless phone calls to your insurance, we can focus solely on the well-being of our CEPT families. Just a few minutes spent updating your details can save you and us hours of frustration.

As you can see, updating your insurance information plays a big role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your child’s healthcare. Please take a moment to update your details so everyone has a smooth experience.



What You Need to Do


Contact Your New Insurance Provider

You will need to contact your new insurance provider to request a COB (Coordination of Benefits.) This step can only be completed by the policy holder. The purpose of this step is to ensure that all medical claims, whether from CEPT or other providers, are being covered by the correct insurance. No matter what prompted the insurance change, you will need to advise your new insurance provider that you no longer have any other coverage or advise them if they are primary or secondary. This step is crucial to prevent any claim denials in the future.


Confirm Coverage

Conforming your coverage through your new insurance provider is important to allow you to have accurate and up to date information about your benefits. Although our office will also confirm your new benefits, this allows you the opportunity to better understand all your new benefits and policy changes.


Provide Front Desk with Updated Information

To start off the new year hassle free, please contact our amazing front office staff and provide them with any updated insurance, demographic, or primary care physician (PCP) information. You can also contact us if you need step-by-step instructions on what is needed when contacting your new insurance provider.

Thanks for taking the lead on this little but important task – it really helps us all work together to make your child’s healthcare run more smoothly!


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