The Physical Therapy team has put together helpful tips and benefits of yoga for babies and special needs children.


“What Is Yoga”

  • To Unite
  • To Come Together
  • To Tie the Strands of the Mind Together
  • Acting in such a way that all of our attention is directed toward the activity in which we are currently engaged

Top 5 Reasons that Babies are Natural Yogis

  1. Like Yogis, babies prefer to breathe through the nose
  2. Like Yogis, babies are only concerned with the present moment
  3. Like Yogis, babies love unconditionally
  4. Like Yogis, babies practice non-violence

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  1. Better and Longer Sleep
  2. Improved Digestion: Many children with Special Needs have G.I. issues
  3. Better Listening Skills
  4. Reduced Stress
  5. Improved Gross and Fine Motor Development
  6. Fewer Tantrums

Natural movement that babies need to experience is being reduced by overuse of “holding devices” such as swings, bouncy chairs, car seats.

During infancy the brain grows more than at any other time—at birth an infant’s brain weighs about half a pound and by the first birthday that weight has tripled to one and half pounds.  Stemming down from the brain are the spine and neuromuscular system.  Movement and touch help build neuromuscular pathways and through repetitive movements these pathways are strengthened and the foundation for learning is built.  Yoga postures include breathing techniques which is important in developing strength and balance.

That is why Yoga can be a wonderful part of your child’s therapy and also, IT IS FUN!!

From ITSY BITSY YOGA by Helen Garabedian:

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