The Physical Therapy team has put together some helpful tips on which seat is best for your baby.


Every parent needs a seat or container they can put their child in and feel secure knowing that they will provide optimal stability and safety. Choosing the best equipment for your child can be stressful especially since there are many options on the market that all claim to provide the same service. Our physical therapy team has put together a list of options below which will take the pressure off of having to choose the “best one”.

*It is important to note that your child should not be placed in the containers for an extended period of time (Greater than 15 minutes) so that they can continue to explore their environment and progress with their gross motor developmental milestones.* Also, it is essential that your child should be able to maintain head stability without your support before being placed in a seat and has direct supervision at all times. The seat does not assist with your baby developing skills to sit without support so they should practice that when they are ready!


Floor Seats


The Upseat

The Upseat was developed by experts with assistance from physical therapists to be ergonomically beneficial, promote maintaining an upright posture, and place your baby in an optimal hip alignment to reduce the risk of possibly developing hip instability in the future. The seat ranges between ages 4 months- 2 years so it transitions well from a baby seat to a booster seat.  It includes a seat, large tray, safety harness, and booster set conversion straps.


Bumbo Multi-Seat                

The bumbo multi-seat is another great seat that provides support for kiddos, adequate leg space, and proper seating alignment to promote upright posture. It also has adjustable height positions and is easy to maneuver. The seat ranges between 6 months to 36 months.


Ingenuity’s floor seat includes a tray which also makes it a great all-in-one option. Maximum weight recommendation is 33lbs and suitable for ages 6-36 months.



This is another seat for your baby that will help keep their body and hip in proper alignment. It also allows for the baby to have good trunk support and leg mobility.  The suggested age for this seat is between 3-9 months of age. Maximum child weight is 25 lbs. It is also easily portable making it effortless to grab and go when needed!

The main things to pay attention to when buying a seat is that your baby has good hip alignment (flat sitting surface) without their hips rotated backwards causing them to slouch, they have good support to maintain upright posture, and are stable in the seat. Don’t ever feel guilty for placing your child in a seat when you need your hands to be free; just make sure it is being used in moderation.

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