The Occupational Therapy team has put together a list of fine motor activities to try out at home.

Completing these activities can help carryover skills they are learning in the clinic.

Manipulating Play Doh


Build ”breakfast foods”: make an egg, flatten to a pancake, roll into sausage links, make a donut, cut with plastic fork & knife.



Treasure Hunt

Hide beads or other small objects in Play-Doh and have child remove them using their thumb and index finger.



Forming Letters

Forming Uppercase letters and Lowercase letters to practice letter formation.



Threading Objects

Thread beads, macaroni or cut up straws to make jewelry.



Using Scissors

Cut tape to let animals escape muffin pan. Make sure their thumb is facing upwards when holding scissors.




Have your kid remove and place sticker on the letters of their name.



Washing Toys

Put dry erase markers on toys and have your child wash it off with a toothbrush.



Feed the Monster

Cut a hole in a tennis ball and squeeze open to place small items in the “mouth”.



Chalkboard Painting

Have your child trace over written letters with a wet paintbrush. Practice correctly forming letters from top to bottom and left to right.



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