I feel like it was just summer, but it’s already holiday time again!


Closed Thanksgiving Day and The Day After


This year, for the first time ever, Cutting Edge will be closed the day after Thanksgiving. Our therapists, who have been working so hard all year long to help your kids make progress, need some work/life balance and some time with their families. We are going to let them have a nice two-day holiday with their families.


Rescheduling Appointments


Our lovely front desk people who email you, call you, and text you about appointments will be reaching out to you to rebook all of those Thursday and Friday appointments that you will be missing.


Respond Quickly


When you get those texts or emails please respond quickly because we have a lot of kiddos to rebook. We average between 80-100 visits a day at our Allen location, and 60-80 visits a day at our Mansfield location. That’s a lot of rebookings!


Importance In Rebooking Instead of Canceling


We want to make sure we rebook these appointments instead of skipping them because we want to master the goals we set for your kiddos. We cannot help improve their quality of life or reach that progress that we projected for you if they’re not here. We want to make sure we maximize your therapy benefit. Many of you have already reached your out-of-pocket maximums for your insurance, which means you’re not paying for therapy,. Come as often as you can! Take advantage of this!





Many of our clients have been out sick lately with all the viral and bacterial illnesses that have been going around. Many of you were gone over the summer on vacation. Several of you took lengthy vacations that took you off your therapy schedule. We have lots of extra visits to complete! If you are going to be in town over the holidays, let’s maximize and use all the visits you have left! Reach out to the front office, and they will tell you how many visits you have available.


Enjoy Your Thanksgiving


Have a great time with your families this Thanksgiving! Eat lots of mashed potatoes and turkey, or prime rib, or ham, or whatever you eat. Stay healthy, and get lots of therapy done when our office opens up after Thanksgiving!

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