At Cutting Edge, our clinicians work very hard from your child’s initial evaluation to ensure that their treatment plan is helping them achieve their goals. Part of this plan includes having an idea of when your child has mastered their goals and is ready to graduate. Sometimes plans change or life happens, and we have to change our plan or discontinue services earlier than expected. In the event that you have to discontinue treatment prior to your child meeting all of their goals, please prepare a plan in advance on when and how to discontinue services. 


What is CEPTs Notice to Discontinue Treatment policy and why is it important?


Our Notice to Discontinue Treatment policy requires that those who choose to discontinue therapy services before clinically indicated must provide a 30 days notice prior to the last session. Cutting Edge is willing to accommodate two-week prior notice for unique circumstances which will be determined on an individual basis. We have this policy in place to ensure a smooth transition out of services for you and your child. The 30 days’ notice will allow time for retesting, providing a home program, and allowing adequate time for documentation.




Your child works hard with our therapists during their time here at Cutting Edge, and we want to make sure that all their progress and hard work can easily be continued at another office. To do so, our clinicians begin testing over a course of 3 – 4 visits to ensure that they are able to update where your child is on progress met towards all of their goals. Once all testing is complete, our therapists will summarize your child’s program and progress made during their time here to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.


Home Program:


During any transition periods, our clinicians want to ensure that your child can still work on activities even from home. Our clinicians will use those visits within the 30 days to create a home program specific to the needs of your child and provide you with activities that your child can do from home. When creating a home program, we want to make sure that your child can still work on their goals and minimize the loss of progress made that they worked so hard to achieve.




Allowing 30 days in your plan to discontinue services will allow time for our clinical and administrative teams to compile documentation for referral and reimbursement providers. Cutting Edge will also audit each account to make sure that all claims have been processed correctly to be finalized and closed. Our goal is to make sure that everything is completed and closed by the last date of service so that our families have one less thing to worry about during an already busy transitioning period.

When discontinuing services, please consider including a 30 day’s notice in your plan to ensure a smooth and effective transition for you and your child. Cutting Edge wishes all of our families the best in their future endeavors.

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