It’s nearly summer! School is out in just a few weeks!


It feels like summer is really coming at us quickly this year. It used to be that we would get out of school right after Memorial Day, and not go back until Labor day. Now, we will be in school for three weeks before Labor Day. The schedule has really shifted!


It is time to start preparing for summer. Here are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind:


1. Come have fun at summer camp!

Here at Cutting Edge Allen, we will be offering a summer camp the week of June 20. This camp will combine OT, PT, and speech services. We are going to be working on school prep activities in all of those areas. This camp will go Monday-Thursday from 9-12. We are already registering students, so don’t wait! Sign up now! Space is limited. Reach out to our front desk for more information, or check our socials for our flyer.


This camp is going to be so much fun! I think we will be bringing back our friendly animals and miniature horses. Don’t miss this!


2. Come have even more fun at a social skills group!


We are also bringing back social skills groups! These groups will meet once a week, and we have them for all different age ranges from young kiddos up through high school. These groups also start the week of June 20 and go into July. We have already started registering for these groups as well.

3. Try a summer therapy intensive.


Of course, we will be here all summer to provide therapy. A lot of our families take advantage of the summer to do therapy intensives. With Covid, flu, strep, and other illnesses that have been going around, many of our clients have lost some therapy time. Plus, the school year is so busy with after-school activities and sports, it can be easy to lose therapy time. Summer is a great time to make up for lost therapy time. Plus, many of you will be reaching your out-of-pocket maximums, which means your sessions will be free!


Some of you will be taking extended vacations over the summer. With intensives, you can get your therapy in before you go! If you take your vacation early in the summer, you are welcome to make up your therapy time in the end.

4. Keep your momentum going with a home program.


It’s important to make up that lost time. We tend to lose momentum when you’re not here, and of course, we can’t make progress when you are not here. One way you can help keep the momentum and progress going is to talk to your therapist about a home program that you can implement while you are on vacation.

5. Keep your routines going at home.


As you head into summertime, remember to keep your schedules going. Maintain those sensory diets, and stay active. Keep your kids engaged.


But most of all … have fun!

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