In our Allen office, Spring Break is the first week in March. In our Mansfield office, Spring Break is the week of the 14th. Some of you will be in school next week, and some of you will be out.


Whichever week is your break, we hope you can get out and have some fun outdoors! Here are our tips for making this a great Spring Break:

1. Get outside!


Swimming, jumping, running and other outdoor physical activities are great self-regulation activities for our kiddos!


2. Watch out for allergies.


But when you do get outside, please watch out for allergies. We’ve noticed that many of our clients are having trouble with seasonal allergies. Lots of things are blooming right now, and we are seeing lots of kids reacting to these things. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on allergies and have a plan for dealing with them.

3. Stick to your schedule.


If you are traveling for Spring Break, remember to keep your routines in place as much as possible. This way you won’t have such a difficult re-entry period when you get back.

4. Plan your week.


If you’re not traveling, staycations are great! A lot of our families are staying home, and many of those are planning a Harry Potter movie week. They’re going to watch a different movie every day!


We do not have as many families traveling this Spring Break as we have had in the past. If you are one of those families who is staying home, reach out to your therapist to ask about activities you can do at home and tips for keeping your kids regulated and on their schedule.


5. Come for intensives.


Some clients are making the most of Spring Break by coming in for intensives. They are making up for all the bad weather days they missed by coming in and doing longer sessions. We are certainly here and available to you for intensives!


Whatever you do for your break, please, please remember that before you send them back to school, you need to get them back into school mode. Put the school-year structure back into your bedtime routine. Make lunch, pull out the next day’s clothing, do all your normal school prep activities. This will help your child ease back into school after a week off.


Have a great Spring Break!

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