Our kids have all been heading back to school. If yours have not started back yet, this is your friendly reminder to get them back on schedule, quickly! Start gradually pushing their bedtime up to the point at which they will need to go to bed during the school year. Start gradually waking them up a little earlier each day, until you are back on school hours.



Some students will be going back to school virtually. You’ll have to prepare for that but bear in mind that when virtual turns back into in-person learning, you’ll have an additional transition period to think about and be ready for.


Whatever school situation you are facing, keep things predictable! Our kids like routine, and for everything to be predictable.


Insurance Benefits



On another note, it’s a brand new year! Hooray for 2022! The downside to the start of a new year is that we have to verify every single client’s benefits. The insurance year starts in January and ends on December 31. We have to call everyone’s insurance company, and the companies will only let us do two verifications at a time! We have temporary staff working here to get through this process as quickly as possible.


If your insurance policy has changed, please, please let us know! If you have a plan change but are on the same policy, you don’t need to notify us. We will find all of that out when we call to verify your coverage. But if your policy has changed we need to know before you come for your next appointment. How do you know if you’ve had a policy change and not just a plan change? If your policy has changed, you will have a new member number. If this applies to you, bring your new insurance card by the front desk or take a picture of your new card and email it to us.


You should know about any changes in your policy by the end of this month. If you think the information we have for you is inaccurate, you are welcome to talk to the insurance company yourself to verify your information.


Payment Information



If you have a credit card on file with us, please make sure it’s still valid. It is very difficult to have to chase people down because their card has expired. You can always go to the front desk and check this, or just give us a call.


Please be patient with our front desk staff. They are busy, busy, busy right now! They have a lot of work to take care of as we start a new year.

We are looking forward to this year being a great success for Cutting Edge and for your kids!

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