We are quickly coming up on Thanksgiving! We are already doing some baking in our kitchen. Some of our kiddos have made delicious apple pies!


Many parents have been asking us what Thanksgiving is going to look like this year. We are still not entirely sure. Kids are beginning to be able to be vaccinated. If kids can get at least one dose in before Thanksgiving, family gatherings might be an option.


Stay-At-Home Option


For those of you who choose to not vaccinate, you still have some options. You can get takeout, you can pick food up, or cook at home and stay in with your family.



Keep Structure On Thanksgiving Week



Whatever you do, remember to plan ahead and set some structure up for your kiddos during Thanksgiving. Most of them will be out of school for the week, but you still want to keep some structure in place so that you don’t have to work hard at the end of the holiday to get back on schedule.



For Picky Eaters



For those of you who have kiddos who are picky eaters, I recommend planning ahead very early. The availability of many food items is quite limited right now. If your child likes brand-specific things, you will probably want to go ahead and stock up to make sure you have those available. Even items like small water bottles or hygiene products are often hard to get right now. You might be able to get one brand but not another, and we know our kids are pretty picky about specific brands.



Talk To Your Therapist



Make sure you talk to your therapist about what they might recommend during the holiday, what kinds of activities might keep your kids regulated. As I said before, keep some structure in their day. I know we like to get lazy, but that makes it more difficult for our kiddos when they return from a holiday.


Hopefully, by Christmas, we’ll have even more options in terms of celebrating. Maybe we’ll even have nice weather, so we can sit outside where we are all safer!


We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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