We have a big event coming up! Soon it will be North Texas Giving Day! This year North Texas Giving Day is on Thursday, September 23.

What is North Texas Giving Day?


What is North Texas Giving Day? It’s an annual event in which many, many people donate to 501c3 nonprofit organizations. This is one of the biggest single days that nonprofits are able to get donations to sustain their work.



Spencer’s Java Jam



This is especially exciting because this year we have Spencer’s Java Jam! Spencer’s Java Jam is a 501c3 nonprofit. And we are now open to the public! We are open Monday through Friday from 1-5. We have coffees, teas, pastries, and ice cream. Everything you order here is by donation, and we accept Venmo.


Cutting Edge Cares



Also, don’t forget about Cutting Edge Cares, which is also a 501c3 nonprofit. Cutting Edge Cares is an opportunity for us to give back to the community, but it’s more than that. We wanted our kids to learn how to give back as well. We do this through different activities. For example, we might do a drive where our kids gather various items to give to a homeless shelter. Or, we might make dog toys and take them to a dog shelter.


This gives the kids an opportunity to work on the skills that they are working on in therapy, but with the end result of having a functional impact on the community. And at the same time, we are helping the people in the community get the things they need.


How You Can Help


So please, remember us and reach out to help us on North Texas Giving Day! And don’t forget to come by and get a coffee from Spencer’s Java Jam. We’d love to serve you!

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