What does the world look like, opening up post-pandemic? Specifically, what does it look like to go see a live show?


My son is an usher at the Performing Arts Center, and at Fair Park, and they are busy having reopening shows. He talks about how excited people are, and how they’re coming from all over to see shows again.



Know The Venue Requirements



Many of our families, many of you, are also starting to go back to these events. It’s important that you understand the requirements of each particular event. Requirements vary widely according to the venue, county, and city. Some venues still require masks inside. Other venues ask to see proof of vaccination. I just went to see Hamilton at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. (It was fabulous!) We had to show our vaccine cards and wear a mask the entire time. Check these criteria in advance, because they can make or break a pleasant evening for you.



Check Out Seating Beforehand



Besides Covid restrictions, there are other details you can check in advance to make sure your evening goes as smoothly as possible. For example, you can usually find a seating map online, and check to see if handicapped seating is available for you to request. These seats do usually require proof of diagnosis, but most of you probably have that. Whether you are in handicapped seating or not, it can be a good idea to sit at the end of a row. I like to sit near a door so that we can leave as quickly as possible if that becomes necessary. Remember, always have an escape plan!



Consider The Sound



Think about sound as well. Sound and lighting are big deals for our kiddos, and at many performing arts events, there are bright lights and loud sounds. They also generally do not allow you to eat in many of these venues right now. If you’re used to entertaining your kids with snacks and jellybeans while the show is going on, you may not be able to now. The way things used to be is not the way they are now.


Your Next Event


Outdoor venues are often your best bet because they usually do not require masks at outdoor venues.


If going to see a show is in your future, remember to look online first to find your options! If you plan ahead, everyone in your family will enjoy the evening!

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