Wow, it is already back to school time!




Some of our clients were in in-person school all year last year, but some have not stepped foot into a school building at all in the past year. I understand that virtual school is not an option this year for most, so those of you who were virtual last year will be back in the classroom this year. That means a big change in routine!





Routine is so important for our kiddos. I always like to remind parents that when we have a change in routine, we have to take time to adjust to that new routine.



Last-Minute Shopping



Do your prep work and involve your kids. Go out shopping for school supplies, or, if you shop online, include your kiddos so that they are aware this is happening. Buy the backpacks. Shopping for new things is exciting and fun, and can really help your child adjust to the idea of a new school year!


Remember that some of our kids are picky about their clothing textures, so take them shopping with you so that they can try things on to see how they feel.




Changing sleep schedules is one of the hardest transitions. Start now to bring their bedtime back 5 or 10 minutes each night, so it’s a gradual change.


Think about the things that have been a struggle in the past and plan for them so that you can make them easier.

Your next Step


School is here! Let us know if we can help!

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