It’s summer, and that means travel! Travel looks a little different this year because we’re coming out of the pandemic. We’re beginning to shed our masks and get back to the “new normal.”


Air Travel


I’ve had many families ask me about travel this year because it’s unpredictable right now. Air travel is back to pre-pandemic rates, but the airlines have not been able to keep up onboarding their staff. This means that right now there are tremendous problems with traveling by air.

If your kiddo can handle transitions and wait well, I think air travel is fine. You have to prepare to be stuck because unfortunately, that is likely to happen. Remember that airline crews time out, so even though the plane might be there and you might be ready to go, the flight will still be canceled if there is no crew available. They are trying to cancel flights in advance so that you have some notice, but there are still quite a few last-minute cancellations happening.


Road Travel


If this unpredictability scares you (and it scares a lot of our families), then do a road trip! Road travel is more predictable. It also gives you the flexibility of deciding when you will go and not go. With airlines, once you go through the TSA checkpoint you have no control over what happens. With road travel, you can still do many of the types of things we did during the pandemic—renting a cabin, going to the beach, etc.


What To Pack


Remember, when you plan a trip, bring everything you need! Bring activities, including some novel activities. Bring medicines, clothing items, anything you think you might need. Make a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.





Also, remember to think about dietary issues. If you’re on the road with a picky eater, be prepared for that. Bring preferred foods, or plan stops at places you know will have the food they’ll like.


Manage Expectations



My advice for you is to set your travel expectations lower this year. Remember that the most important part of a family trip is time together with a family. Schedule a lot of downtime, and time to enjoy each other.

Be glad that we can travel safely now. Masks are optional in many places, so make sure you are mindful of that if your kiddos are not vaccinated.

And have a great summer!

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