What will school look like this year?


After last year, many parents are wondering what school will look like for our kids this year. I think there will be few virtual options, as many schools have shut their virtual options down. It looks like we will be returning to school in person. It also looks like we are returning to in-person school without masks.


Vaccine Info



There are some challenges in going back to school without masks. Your teachers will probably be vaccinated, and if you have middle or high schoolers you’re probably good to go. But if you have younger kids, elementary or preschool, they are still not eligible for vaccines. I was hoping that by the time we went back to school this year there would be options for younger children, but that has not happened. It has not happened, and now going back to school presents an individual safety issue that you as the parent have to decide.

In-Person Vs. Homeschool


Some families are going ahead with in-person school, and some are continuing to homeschool because they feel this is the safer option. Homeschool may well be the safest option if you have a child who is immunocompromised.






Whatever choice you make, start your preparations early! Here in DFW, we are starting school in mid-August. It’s time to think about school clothing, school supplies, lunch programs, all those things that mean school. It’s time to start moving their bedtimes and wake-up times earlier so that they are ready for a school schedule. You don’t want kids who want to sleep until 9 in the morning and go to bed at midnight the night before school! Get your transition preparation processes ready.


Group Support



For those who have not been in school before, starting school is a tremendous transition. Many of our families have considered doing some counseling or group support process, because there is a great deal of anxiety and change out there. Many of our clients struggle with transition and anxiety. Think about the kinds of support you can provide and build that in now. Get ready now, rather than waiting!



Schedules and Routines



For some of your kids who have never been to school, or who are going to a new school, you might take them to walk around campus when no one is there. Talk about schedules and routines ahead of time.






In fact, you can talk to a counselor right here. Due to a huge demand for counseling services, we are now offering this at our Allen location. Our counselor’s name is Susanne, and she is meeting with parents, families, and clients when appropriate. If you are interested in counseling services, please contact the front desk or talk to your therapist.


Remember, counseling is a preventative service. It is not the people who are in trouble who are in counseling. The people who are in trouble are those who are not in counseling and think they don’t need to be. Counseling is a healthy suggestion and a healthy process! Some of our littles do very well in play therapy, which is another service offered by our counselor. Just like we do therapy through play, we can do mental health care through play!



A Smooth Transition



We need to return to routines, but even adults are struggling with going back to the office. Many businesses are offering hybrid schedules to accommodate them. If this is what is going on with adults, you can rest assured that this same struggle is going on with your kids.


Think about the transition, talk about the transition, and start addressing it now. And let us know how we can help! Your therapist would love to give you suggestions and work on this process with you. We want your child’s transition back to school to go as smoothly as possible!

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